Functional and Crazy Paperback


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I guess that depends on how you define the term crazy and how you define the term functional. If crazy can be defined as unapologetic … and functional can be defined as peace of mind, then who is anyone to judge?

Although when I began working as a mental health therapist, I quickly found myself wanting to pull up an additional chair for the judgment accompanying my clients. The clients drowning in a sea of shame, blame, and guilt without having anything to be shameful of … guilty for … or even a valid reason to blame themselves.

Nothing was making sense about this work that I loved so much thanks to that triad infiltrating my clients’ self-perception. Yet what made even less sense was the fact that, for the most part, my clients looked up to me. Looked to me for the stability, the strength, and the resilience that could only come from a functional life. Or so they thought …


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