Prior to working as a therapist, I trusted that to be affected by
hardship … tragedy … adversity … grief was normal.

Being affected by life kicking your ass was normal.

Who wouldn’t be affected?

But what I came to find after working as a therapist
was that my notion of normal wasn’t.

My clients were showing me that what was normal was to trust that if you’re affected … by anything … than you are debilitated, weak, dysfunctional, and/or useless.

If you’re still anxious from previous trauma, you are debilitated.

If you’re struggling to get up after losing the love of your life, you are weak.

If you’re trying to find your identify after having it stripped away from adversity, you are useless.

“How useless am I, Michelle, to be thirty years old and not know myself?”

And what I came to find after this being shoved in my face was the fact that what is normal isn’t always what is healthy.

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