If women are still faking it, don’t be fooled. Men are too. The question is, what, precisely are they faking?

I would’ve never believed that in the 21st century, women are still faking orgasms. But it’s not my word you have to take. It’s the women I work with. Let me clarify, some women.

The fact that it’s any woman at all is what boggles the mind. And in my work, when it’s necessary to dig a little deeper, I find out a) why women do this, and b) why it boggles my mind.

“I’m afraid to hurt his feelings, Michelle”

“I’m afraid to tell him what I want, Michelle”

“I’m just not that into it, anyway, Michelle”

Basically, the reason some women do this has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with him. Which means, that in the 21st century, people are having sex for all the wrong reasons. Mind boggling. Yet strangely enough, men are just as culpable.

Men are faking orgasms too, just not in the way one might think.

What men have a tendency to fake–or let me clarify, some men–is fulfillment. Some men will fake being fulfillled in their relationship. Which put me exactly where I was when I realized women were still faking it!

Still? In the 21st century? Evidently.

“I’m afraid to hurt her feelings, Michelle”

“I’m afraid to hurt her feelings, Michelle”

“I’m afraid to hurt her feelings, Michelle”

Purported to be the more reasonable of the sexes, it never fails: Some men can be emotional babies (sorry, but it’s true) when it comes to feelings.

They are so fearful of hurting her feelings, they lie (e.g., “Missionary’s great, honey” … “That sounds like a great day with the kids” … “I’d be happy to”). Naturally this ends with things not being said. Things that need to be said in order to give her a chance to make things better. Same thing with the ladies.

By faking it, they don’t give him/her/them/heart’s desire the chance to make things better. But don’t take my word for it. Take my clients’ … because they told me. Or, at least some of them did.



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